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Eva Paulin

Artist and director


Since 2009, I have spent about four months out of the year in Montréal. The cosmopolitan city and the people who live there have become a great source of inspiration and given me the courage, after 25 years of theater work in Europe, to return to painting in 2011. Painting has always been in my life but, due to finances and family, I was unable to devote myself to it fully until 2011, at the age of 56. After leaving Graz in 1981, where I was studying stage design, for a theater internship, I postponed my dreams of becoming a visual artist due to lack of time. After the internship, I move to Germany for a theater job and my first child was soon born.


Working as a stage designer is only one aspect of creating theater, and my drive to achieve a broader range of artistic expression pushed me toward working as a director, founded on the experience of my earlier study of literature. After moving to Luxembourg—now with three children—I began directing in 1990, painting lively tableaus with people.


In 2005, I took another step in the direction of transdisciplinary communication: at the Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, I put on a co-production with the municipal Kapuziner-Theater, staging my Gertrude Stein project as a museum visit with three performers together with the audience, discovering the literature of Gertrude Stein by following traces of the essence of feelings and living metaphors in her writing, and thus building a bridge spanning theater and museum using performance, film, text collage, and projections.


It wasn’t until 2011—when I returned to painting—that I was able to begin materializing my personal world of images once again. I then went on a three-month studio residency in Montréal, Canada. I have been a member of the Luxembourg Artists’ Association ARC asbl since 2018.



Solo exhibitions


Eva Paulin – Pfingsten in besonderer Zeit, Basel/Dornach



Digitale Projekte

Hello World, Transcultural Exchange

Semi d'Arte Creative, virtuelles Kunstprojekt und Ausstellung


Eva Paulin
aus Anlass des österreichischen Ratsvorsitzes der EU Maison de l'Europe, Luxembourg



Amelie 3
mit Serge Koch und Gery Oth,
Städtischen Galerie, Bettembourg, LU

Zith-Art, Clinique St.Zithe, LU



mit Nicole Félicia Bremond
Galerie Phoenix, Berlin, DE


Artiste en résidence, Walfer Kulturschapp, LU


Köpfe und Landschaften der Stille
im Rahmen von Kunst in der Botschaft, einjährige Einzelausstellung in der Österreichische Botschaft, LU



Face to Face
Ute's Galerie Schrondweiler, LU



Galerie Stein, Bettembourg, LU

Eva Paulin
Club Munster , LU



mit Misch Feinen und Patrick Hallé
résidence d'artiste und Ausstellung im Druckereimusée Grevenmacher, LU


Echo- Qui étiez- vous?,
Les Ateliers Marconi, Montréal, CA


Landschaften, Galerie Stein in Bettembourgim Bettemburger Schloss, LU



Exhibition participations



Paintings and Sculptures

Valentiny Foundation, Schengen, LU


Herkunft Stadtrand

Kunstraum Hanna Trampert, Oberemmel, DE

Fondation Valentiny, Schengen (L)


Galerie Wallis Paragon,
ARC Kenschtlerkrees, Luxemburg


prisencolinensinainciusol 16/24

ARC Kenschtlerkrees
Galerie Netzwerk, Trier



ARC Kënschtlerkrees

Galerie Netzwerk, Trier


«ARCbrëll 3»des Künstlerkreises ARC a.s.b.l.

Maison de la Culture, DIEKIRCH



Mechanics of Nature
Galerie EX MACHINA, Barcelona


Jubiläumsausstellung, 60 Jahre ARC
Schloss Vianden, LU


ARCBrell 2
Maison de la Culture, Diekirch, LU



Am klenge Kader,
ARC-asbl, Galerie Maggy Stein, Bettembourg, LU

De Veiner Salon,
Veiner Konstgalerie, Vianden, LU

Gemeinde Steinsel, Galerie "Am Dürf", LU



Villach, AT


Öffentliche Sammlung des Staates Luxemburg

Private Sammlungen in Luxemburg, Montreal, Paris, Wien, Graz, Basel, Bologna, Coimbra, Trier, Utrecht

Portrait of Eva Paulin
Portrait of Eva Paulin
Eva Paulin

Phone: + 35 26 216 144 14



1, Kiirfechstrooss

6834 Biwer



Éditions musicales MusiNova
102-1455 Boul. Brassard
Chambly, Québec, Canada
J3L 6Z4

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