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17 May until 2 July 2024

Paintings and Sculptures

Dan Altmann, Pascale Behrens, Dany Blasen, Valentino Camarda, Raymond Clement, Raymond Erbs, Josiane Ginter, Florence Giorgffil, Fabienne Goerens, Robi Gottueb-Cahen, Anne-Marie Grimler, Margot Guion, Michel Heisbourg, Marina Herber, Florence Hoffmann, Assy Jans, Nora Juhasz, Jilly Kevo, Serge Koch, Astrid Koemptgen, Patricia Lippert, Jill Michels, Mo., Fergal O‘hannrachain, Josee Olinger-Proth, Eva Paulin, Christian Pütz, Stella Radicati, Yvette Rischette, Reiny Rizzi-Gruhlke, Julia Ruhmann, Ingo Schandeler, Pascale Schloesser, Jacques Schmitz, Raphael Tanios, Jessica Theis, Maria Vandivinit, Catherine Winandy, Frank Yvan



Eva-Maria Enders, Bettina Ghasempoor, Marc Kalbusch


Opening  16 May 2024 — 5 to 8 pm


Valentiny -Stiftung Remerschen

34 Waistrooss
5440 Remerschen Schengen


Opening Hours

17 May – 2 July 2024

Wednesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00

Painting – Monlyth, 2023,  Acrylics on canvas,  67 x 59 cm
Painting – Monlyth, 2023,  Acrylics on canvas,  67 x 59 cm

Monlyth, 2023

Acrylics on canvas

67 x 59 cm


26 May until 16 June 2024


Assy Jans - Sculptures
Serge Koch - Photos
Eva Paulin - Painting
Raphael Tanios - Painting
Hanna Trampert - Painting


This is the first exhibition of a new project by the ARC Kenschtlerkrees from Luxembourg, a traditional artists' association with around 70 members.

The project is called ARCmini and, as the name suggests, some members of the ARC can get together to form a small group and organise their own project under the name of the association.


Sunday, 26 May 2024 at 3:00 pm

Welcome Speech
Hermann Josef Benzkirch, head of the village

Serge Koch, President of the ARC Kenschtlerkrees, Luxembourg


Angela Simons - Cello

Gudrun Paulsen and Christine Radünzel


26 May until 16 June 2024


Sunday, 16 June, from 3-7 pm

Serge Koch - Texts and poems, 16:00-16:30

Art Space Hanna Trampert

Am Rosenberg 36

54329 Oberemmel

Painting – Nature outcut, 2023, Acrylics on canvas,  85 x 86 cm
Painting – Nature outcut, 2023, Acrylics on canvas,  85 x 86 cm

Nature outcut, 2023

Acrylics on canvas

85 x 86 cm

Recent works

Just a few inspirations ...

Photos I took while travelling, on the way to work, looking out of the window.