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I paint to see and understand. Sometimes I use multiple images in a sequence to develop movement. I want to be surprised by the consequences of the decisions I make while working. My goal is to create a space for my inner images emerging from a constructive dialogue between form and color.


I paint with acrylics and sometimes mixed media including crayon, oils, pastels, pencil, or ink on canvas or paper. Superimposing layers of color and form, each new painting is the start of a fresh dialogue. I am interested in projecting the unseen onto the base material of the painting, the responses that arise when looking at it, the experience of space in a limited area, clear forms and diffuse moments, connections between light and space, and all the paradoxes that the process of painting entails.


In order to leave a mark that is meaningful to me, I invent my own rules, and also break them when necessary. This results in an ongoing sequence of new rules for the artistic work process. The main focus of my artistic research is on perception, both on its transience and on the sense of perception itself. Perception is closely linked to my value system.


I always try to get a little further, to go beyond my personal conventions and prejudices, to follow not the zeitgeist but my intuition. This process of returning to myself is nourished by my life experiences and how I perceive them. It is a broad field and also a very personal search for the foundation of all communication, all possibilities for reaching out to those around us in order to experience new and enriching facets of life in everything and everyone.


Painting is a form of meditation. The creative process requires making decisions that reveal the path to realization and lead to self-awareness. Creating a balance between intention and discovery leads to finding more than what you originally set out to seek. It opens up insights that I am unable to reach with any other language. My intuition takes priority and my decisions often go against reason. Currently I am interested in plants, before that it was empty space, and the elements to get closer to the deeper meaning of my search for beauty.


My art should inspire happiness. Every person has an invisible side, the existence of which is too often suppressed and neglected due to a lack of self-esteem. Exploring the limits of perception and the nature of illusion that materializes in a thin layer of paint allows me see what is worth looking for. I am an individual trying to comprehend nature, to grasp who I am in relation to the universe. The reality of beauty is invisible, like our breath. My artwork is first for myself, and then moves on to touch other people. I want to express my love for the unseen things in life; to draw attention to the value of subjective perception. Paintings are the very essence of my belief in what is beautiful and good. Every single one is a piece of my conviction that life is valuable and worth living. In search of the meaning of life, I would like to invite others to share the magic of my imaginary image spaces for a moment.

Eva Paulin

Phone: + 35 26 216 144 14



1, Kiirfechstrooss

6834 Biwer



Éditions musicales MusiNova
102-1455 Boul. Brassard
Chambly, Québec, Canada
J3L 6Z4

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